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're following every new development in the boston marathon bombing investigation. pamela brown with the city's response to the attacks, senior medical correspondent elizabeth coh cohen, but we begin with susan candiotti. we learned overnight from the fbi has one of the two bombs was packed into a pressure cooker. the second was located in some kind of metal container. we don't know if it was a pressure cooker or not. susan, what else do we know knew this morning? >> good morning. these, as you said, are gripping photos taken by those fbi crime seen technicians. in particular, we are talking about a huge blast field that these things were found in. so just amazing work done by these analysts. as they found, for example, twisted debris, pieces of that metal container that the alleged bomber or bombers used to put this stuff together. so this is like a pressure cooker like you would use at home, that's what the thinking is. also in another photograph you see the remainder of what they describe as a black nylon backpack or some kind of a bag into which this metal container was placed. inside the
paton walsh is in dagestan, and we have joe johns in washington, but we began with pamela brown with the latest on the investigation. >>> after a week of terror, chaos and heartache, the city of boston is still recovering. there are signs that life is starting to return back to normal here. there is a sense of relief after the arrest of the suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. now the focus is on what charges he will face and when. >> reporter: one week after two deadly bombings exploded in downtown boston killing three and injuring 183 people, the only surviving suspect remains in serious condition. as federal prosecutors prepare to bring charges against him, law enforcement sources say dzhokhar tsarnaev is unable to talk after a gunshot wound to the neck. exactly when he suffered this injury is still unknown. >> this is a complex investigation. and it's hard to say exactly how he received that injury. there was a shootout in watertown. there were explosives thrown. so that's being looked into right now. it's hard to say how it owe kurd. >> reporter: we're learning more abou
there is an act of mass murder committed by a brown dude with a foreign sounding name, you know, it's something that casts a pal upon the entire muslim american community. there are muslim marathon runners. we grieve with the country. this is an attack on all bostonians and americans regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. >> and how does it make you feel when you hear that there may be ties to islamic extremism, at least with the older brother? >> well, you know, i always tell people that, you know, islamic extremists are about as muslim as the westboro baptist church is christian. it doesn't make them a religious expert or vanguard for, you know, an entire faith of over a billion people. i mean, to the vast majority of american muslims these guys were crazy criminal losers. and they do not represent islam or muslims at all. you know, just like timothy mcvay didn't represent christianity those his co-conspirator member of the christian movement. this is a time of americans of all faith, religions and ethnic backgrounds need to come together and help rally for the people of boston. >> how do
. and they will use this memorial service to honor the victims of monday's bombing at the marathon. >> pamela brown is standing outside the cathedral of the holy cross in boston. good morning. >> good morning to you, john. the interfaith service doesn't begin until 11:00 a.m. eastern time but crowds have been building outside the cathedral of the holy cross since around 4:30 this morning. let's look at the crowds. several blocks out from the cathedral, as far down as i can see. about three blocks right now. you can expect crowds to continue to build because the service is open to the public. as mentioned, president obama will be speaking this morning, along -- he will be joined by first lady michelle obama, also former massachusetts governor and former presidential candidate mitt romney will be in attendance today. the president's message will be focused on resolve, a shared commonality of the american people with the people of boston and a big focus will, of course, be on the victims from monday's tragedy, those who suffered and those who have lost their lives. late yesterday afternoon boston univ
information with authorities. i'm joined by pamela brown. >> good morning to you, john. this area, the heart of boston's back bay, very popular area. still closed. the residents being asked to stay hyper vigilant. also there is a heavy law enforcement presence. authorities are investigating who's behind this act of terror, how they were able to carry it out and why. >> reporter: just before 3:00 p.m., more than 4:09 into the race, a thunderous boom. celebratory cheer turned into screams of horror. seconds later, at least 50 yards away, another. runners and spectators at the finish line stunned. that shock rippled through the crowd, many running from the scene, others towards it. >> we heard just one massive explosion, a huge boom. obviously we didn't know what it was. then when the second one went off, we said, that's a bomb, and it was -- we could smell the smoke. we saw people lying on the ground. runners were crying and the police were on it. >> reporter: blood everywhere, people without limits, the wounded crying, confused. >> it was the most serious thing i've dealt with being on the fu
. and that is -- that is good for us to understand at this time. >> our pam brown is standing by outside this apartment building in revere, massachusetts. good morning, pam. what do you have out there? >> good morning to you, john. we're about 15 minutes away from downtown boston at an apartment complex here on ocean avenue. this is where authorities spent eight hours yesterday executing a search warrant inside an apartment here, at this apartment complex. this is according to cnn's susan candiotti. local and state police, as well as firefighters, came in here yesterday, starting at around 5:00 p.m. again, here for eight hours. in an apartment on the fifth floor, we are told. we saw authorities bringing out boxes from that apartment. at one point, a state police officer brought in what looked like some sort of equipment, but right now authorities telling us that at this point, that no arrests have been made, that no one is in custody. we did speak to residents here at this apartment complex. they tell us that all they could really say was that there was just a lot of authorities here yesterday. that it's a bit
reporters out and about. pamela brown with the city's response to the terror attacks. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen live this morning at brigham women's hospital. but we want to begin with susan candiotti tracking the latest on this fbi probe. new pictures this morning of this badly damaged pressure cooker here. what can you tell us? >> good morning, brooke. you know, these bits and pieces are so crucial to investigators because not only will they take them to try to piece these explosive devices, homemade devices back together again through working on them at the fbi lab in quantico, virginia, they're doing that now, but they'll also try to trace back each and every component, possibly to where these things were bought so they can try to figure out who did this. crime scene photos show part of what could be a pressure cooker used in the bombings. others show charred wire attached to a battery. what appears to be a small circuit board. a half-inch nail, a bloodstained zipper pull tab. another shows what looks like massive ball bearings bbs. investigators are coming thr
in the marathon, and lost his life. i want to bring in pam brown, who is there on the scene, who interviewed the family members who were involved, including the doctor pronouncing the 8-year-old boy dead. and, pam, who did you talk to? how did this happen? >> reporter: suzanne, it was a very emotional, powerful interview with matt mills, the husband of the pediatrician here in boston who happened to be next to where the explosions occurred at home. as soon as he heard the bombs go off he ran out, started twereatg people including 8-year-old martin richard. >> i was down in florida. i was out of town in florida and my wife was here at the house and i just landed about three hours, i had been down about three hours and got a phone call from her, it was strange. she had been taking pictures and talking about coming to the marathon, i was bummed i had to leave the day of. she said it's her favorite holiday today in boston. sorry i can't be there. she called. she was completely broken, shattered voice like i'm okay, i'm okay, it's been -- there's been two explosions i don't know what's going on b
for a candlelight vigil, paying tribute to one of the youngest victims. cnn's pamela brown is here with that part of the story. >> good morning to you, john and chris. what a turnout last night. thousands, as you said, turned out to remember the lives of 8-year-old martin richard. also hundreds gathered on the boston common for a candle light vigil. throughout the city so many people coming together to pay their respects, and honor the victims of monday's tragedy. an outpouring of raw emotion from a community struck by grief. friends and family of 8-year-old martin richard gathered in a park near his home to remember him and pray for his family. his 6-year-old sister lost a leg, and his mother has a serious brain injury. on tuesday friends and relatives dropped off flowers at the family's house in the dorchester section of boston. martin's unforgettable smile has become the face of monday's senseless attack. his picture celebrating his first communion, and another with a sign that reads "no more hurting people" now emblazoned in the minds of millions. one of the first responders, dr. kim mills, t
later this morning, president obama. pamela brown is at boston cathedral. >> good morning to you, john. president obama, first lady michelle obama, expected to arrive here at 11:00 this morning. also in attendance, former governor of massachusetts and former presidential candidate mitt romney who was invited by massachusetts governor. the message this morning will be one of resolve, a shared commonality, the american people with the people of boston. also the focus will be on the victims, those who suffered and those who lost their lives during monday's tragic attack. late yesterday afternoon boston university officially released the name of the third victim killed. 23-year-old graduate student and chinese national by the name of lulu. she was standing at the finish line with three friends when the bomb went off. one of her friends suffered injuries and taken to the hospital. a search went on social media following the attack and that was followed by a wave of sympathy tuesday after it became apparent that she had been killed. her loss has sent shockwaves throughout the bu campus which
brown that there could be charges brought before he leaves the hospital. he is in serious condition, which means that, you know, he's still got a ways to go. so he could be here for a little while. don? >> how does the hospital handle security for someone like this? i would imagine there's incredible presence there, elizabeth? >> oh, there certainly is, there's certainly a police presence here, and i was speaking with a physician who frequently treats suspects and inmates. he worked in a different city. he said he wouldn't be surprised if the suspect here were handcuffed to the bed and had a guard on each side of the bed as well as guards outside the door. they really are not taking any chances. they don't want anyone coming in and out who doesn't need to be there, and certainly don't want the suspect to hurt himself. don? >> and elizabeth, you know, inside that hospital, it is right behind you, doctors and nurses have to take care of this man believed to have committed these terrible acts. how do they handle this responsibility? have you spoken to anyone who has spoken about that?
, that's for sure. >> pamela brown, thank you. >>> boston likes to consider itself in many ways the medical capital of the world. some of the best hospitals on earth are here in this city. and more than 144 people are now being treated inside these hospitals following yesterday's terror attack in boston. cnn's poppy harlow is at one of the best. she joins us now from brigham & women's hospital. good morning, poppy. >> good morning, john and pamela. the number we have at this hour, the highest its been, 144 injured, 3 fatalities, 17 critical condition at this hour. we know that 25 of the people injured are in serious condition. and among the most troubling news, eight of those injured, at least eight, are children. also ten people have had to have at least one of their limbs amputated. when you talk about the kinds of injuries, many of them are lower body, lower extremity injuries because of the type of device, ied like devices that exploded. the ages, we're talking about victims injured from age 2 to age 71. those are the ages that we're looking at. and in terms of the descripti
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)